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Spring has arrived on the West coast of the United States. Flowers are in bloom, birds are singing, and rain is falling. Soon we’ll start to see the warmer weather and sunnier skies that lead into summer! So what better crochet pattern to share than this quick, easy Butterfly applique?

The perfect scrapbusting project, this pattern uses just a few yards of yarn, and only takes a minute or two to complete. Add them to blankets, clothing, headbands, hair ties… the possibilities are endless!

crochet, wool, yarn-1864716.jpg


4.5mm hook (or as desired)
4/Worsted weight yarn
Yarn needle
Optional: Bead

Stitch Glossary:

Terminology: US English

CH = Chain DC = Double Crochet SLST = Slip Stitch
2 TC TOG = 2 Treble Crochet Together F/O = Fasten Off


First Wing:

  1. CH 5
  2. 1 DC into the last chain from the hook. We will be working all future stitches into this chain space. I will refer to it as the “base stitch.” You may want to mark it to make it easier to find as we go.
  3. CH 3, slst in the base stitch.

Second Wing:

  1. CH 4
  2. 2TCTOG
  3. CH 3
  4. Slst back into the base stitch. This is the end of the second wing.

Third Wing:

  1. CH 4
  2. 2TCTOG
  3. CH 3
  4. Slst into the base stitch. This is the end of the third wing.

Fourth Wing:

  1. CH4
  2. 1 DC into the base stitch
  3. CH 3
  4. slst back into the base stitch. This completes the fourth wing.
  5. F/o, leave a long tail for the center of the butterfly

Finishing the Butterfly:

Wrap the long yarn tail around the center of the butterfly to form the body. On your last wrap around, add the bead to your butterfly using the yarn needle. Knot the two yarn tails on the back of the butterfly to secure.

Finished butterflies.
Working a DC into the last CH from the hook
2TCTOG has 3 loops on the hook before it’s completed.
Finished butterfly with bead.
yarn, wool, thread-4601270.jpg


Changing your hook and/or yarn size will change the finished size of your butterfly.

Feel free to play around with different yarn weights and textures to see what you can come up with. Have fun with it!

Thanks so much for stopping by! I hope you enjoyed my free pattern!

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