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Halloween is Just Around the Corner!

That’s right, only about thirty more days until my favorite holiday! And what better way to celebrate, than with some adorable Halloween accessories? Today I’m going to share with you this super cute FREE Crochet Candy Corn Cup Cozy pattern. (Just look at all that alliteration!)

This pattern works with a variety of fiber types, whether you choose acrylic, cotton, bamboo, or even wool. It’s designed to be a little stretchy so that it fits several different cup sizes, and it is washable AND reusable too!

Plus, you can choose to use plastic safety eyes or embroidered eyes according to your preference — which means you don’t have to wait for an order of safety eyes to reach you via snail mail if you’re itching to get started on a spooky project!

Image of Crochet Pattern supplies and business logo on a wooden plank background.


  • 4.5mm Hook
  • (Optional) 6mm Plastic Safety Eyes
  • 4/Worsted Yellow Yarn:
  • 4/Worsted Orange Yarn:
  • 4/Worsted White Yarn:
  • 4/Worsted Black Yarn: Less Than 1yd
  • 4/Worsted Pink Yarn: Less Than 1yd


Working in joined rounds. Slst and ch1 at the end of each round.

  1. Yellow Yarn: Chain 35, slst to the last chain from the hook to form a circle.
  2. Ch1, 1sc in same space, then 1sc in ea st around, slst to the start, ch1 (35)
  3. Repeat until you have 4 rows of yellow.
  4. Change to orange yarn, complete 3 rows of orange.
  5. Change to white yarn, complete 3 rows of white.
  6. Snugly slip stitch around the last row of white. Make sure to test your cozy on the cup you intend to use it with to make sure it isn’t too small for the cup.
  7. Using yellow yarn, loosely slip stitch around the first row of yellow stitches at the top of the cozy. Test the fit of your cup cozy again.
  8. If using black yarn for the eyes, now’s the time to embroider the eyes and face onto the cozy. Use your best judgement on where you’d like to place these.
    F/o and weave in ends.
  9. If using safety eyes, insert the eyes several stitches apart and do NOT use the included backs. Instead, use a lighter to melt the backs of the eyes and flatten them with a spoon or other heat resistant surface.

    ** Use extreme caution when using lighters and/or open flame to melt the backs. It is possible to injure yourself, or damage the cozy if you are careless.**
  10. (Optional) Use the Pink yarn to add little blush spots just under the eyes, for a bit more character.

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